ScAnDis ™ is an application specially written to enable post rooms to log all incoming parcels and letters, giving each item an individual number, and then automatically sending an e-mail to the recipient, based on a table of names, addresses and e-mails that your HR Department or Accommodation Team will need to supply.

The recipient will present their ID card at the counter, and upon scanning the card, the application will show a report of all items that have come in for that person. Each parcel is then checked out to the recipient.

The program can also send automatic e-mail reminders at a timing of your choice if any packet has not been collected, and will produce reports of outstanding items that may need returning to the sender.

Reports can also be produced showing how many items have been received per recipient, or by carrier, major sender, time, day, month, which can show when your peak work loads are.

Alternatively, there is ScAnDis Lite, where each packet is scanned and allocated to a department, a receipt sheet per department is printed, and is signed by the recipient (or secretary) as proof of delivery.

Both systems can interface with a web-based database that can be interrogated remotely.

The University of Warwick were the first to trial this system and have produced this case study.

If you wish to see the application in use, or if you have any queries or would like further information, please contact us.


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