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       Pricing options for web design, updates and other web design-related costs - Coventry Websites


Web Design

1st Page of Website or One-Page Website PRICE: 70

Subsequent pages PRICE: 50

Please note that we reserve the right to charge an additional design fee for the design of very long pages (data in excess of equivalent of 2 x A4 size sheets), or where graphics involve a lot of extra work. Such costs will be discussed as they arise.

Forms Pages PRICE: 55

(eg 'Contact Form')

Shop Pages with database PRICE: From 200

Web Maintenance

Occasional Updates PRICE: FROM 20

One-off, occasional, irregular updates.
(eg change of dates and venues for events, new product added to an existing range, updated prices, information added or replaced etc)

3-monthly Updates ANNUAL CONTRACT: 75.00

ie 4 updates per year
(regular updating of information - dates, events, prices etc)

Monthly Updates ANNUAL CONTRACT: 150 - 200

approx 10-12 updates per year
(lowest price based on smaller amount needing frequent, regular updating)

Frequent Updates ANNUAL CONTRACT: FROM 300

Weekly updates - depending on size of updates.

If you feel your personal requirements are not covered by the above Update Packages, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and ask for a quote for a customised Update Package.
Please note that 'Updates Contracts' do not cover the design of additional web pages - these need to be charged at the standard Web Page design price .
Update Package contracts are payable at the beginning of the contract period - starting within 90 days of the website being online.

We ensure that the web pages we design comply with the W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium).

Domain Aquisition and Web Hosting

Domain Name

Depending on availability - which we can check for you - we can obtain a domain name of your choice.
Prices from 15.00 for a '.co.uk' or '.net' etc, registration valid for 2 years (renew after 2 years), or for a '.com', registration valid for 1 year.

E-mail provision on a domain provided by us (without Web Hosting)
  • 15 per year
Web Hosting and e-mail provision

To host your site, I strongly recomend that you host your site on our server

  • 80 per year
  • I recommend this option because it is a very reliable service with full support and the facility to set up unlimited e-mail accounts, with either full POP/SMTP access, or forwarding to an alternative address. We publish your website from a network of servers based in both the UK and US, running Linux and Apache (Inc Mod Perl, Mod PHP, Perl, Mod Gzip). The option of using MySQL is also available to you.
    This option offers greatest reliablility as well as flexibility regarding ease of updates.

Other services


We can provide a custom built database in MySql / PHP for your shop, or a hand-built Access databases for any purpose. Do no hesitate to contact us to discus your requirements.


We can provide or design graphics of your choice to enhance your web site - design or reproduction of your logo, photos, images. It is however recommended that you limit graphics to 2 to 4 per page, depending on their size. Although graphics are an obvious way to liven up any page, they can slow down considerably the loading of web pages... Studies show that most web surfers will only wait a few seconds.


We normally expect you to provide the data for your web site in an electronic form, (usually via e-mail). However, we understand that some of the data may be handed as 'hard-copies'. In cases where this involves a lot of extra typing, we can take care of this but will need to add a small charge for this service - 5 per average A4 page.


We usually expect you to provide us with the 'organised' data for your web site. In cases where you require assistance with writing the text to appear on your web site, an extra charge can be negotiated.


We accept Sterling and Euro payments by BACS / Internet Banking; Paypal in Sterling or Euro, and cash in Sterling or Euro. Do NOT send cash through the post. Please contact us for bank details.

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